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small spanking again

Being spanked is both a reward and a punishment. The thought is exciting, the reality while the spanks descend on your bare bottom is less exciting and is painful, and then the nice warm feeling that you get when the spanking is over, and the fire in your bottom has decreased.

In addition, the excitement when told you are about to be spanked, when out of the blue so to speak, is quite delicious.

Cindy walked into our television room, which has windows onto the road, carrying the food stirrer, a determined look on her face, and stated that I had better close the curtains. As the television room is one level up, and the sofa is somewhat back from the window, I elected to simply bend over the sofa with a bare bottom.
not really this close ot the windows
The thrill of possibly being seen was immense, but unlikely. The spanking consisted of about thirty spanks with the food stirrer, a lecture, and then I was permitted to stand up. I thanked Cindy for the spanking and then we proceeded on with the day, as though nothing had happened that had caused annoyance to Cindy.

I will check later to see if one can really see that far into our television room. This photo is from
www.husbandspankings.blogspot.com and shows the approximate color when I checked.
enjoy life. Be spanked often
Aside: I remember at least one time where Cindy had a amazing loud orgasm, and slightly later we realized the window had been open, and when I walked in the back yard a little later, the neighbor and his friend had smiles on their faces when the two guys looked at me.