Cindy Spanked While Cruising

Cindy is adapting well to being spanked. OF course, she is still somewhat in charge...
I was reminded by this when Bonnie posted her weekly question,
B)  in exchange for something desired

Electronics can get you spanked. Cindy had taken books out of the library, for reading on her Nook.

One that she was really enjoying reading, had many many pages left in it, and it would disappear from her device at midnight.
We could go to the show on board, and then walk on deck, and relax to some music... as a couple, or I could be on my own while she read.

I was miffed that she was thinking of choosing the book, so I offered that I could spank her after she had finished reading the book....... for not relaxing together....

She pondered and stated only with your hand.... 

I countered that she will be reading for at least two hours.. and even then only skimming some of the pages, so this spanking would be with the hairbrush......

She paused, and then only ten spanks, but I countered with 20 spanks as you know what you are dong is wrong, and yet are intent on doing it even if you are to be spanked with the hair brush....

Not hard was her reply, and I said medium so that you do not find yourself in this predicament again.

She agreed...

Have I told you that I am pretty good when it comes to negotiations...

Cindy wanted he spanking right away, but I thought it best to wait until after she finished, enhancing her anxiousness, and my excitement.

When Cindy finished, as we had spent some time in the library, we went back to our room, turned on the television......

and slowly, I disrobed Cindy from the waist down, lecturing about her foolishness, and then guided her over my waiting knees...

I gave Cindy a slow spanking, first one cheek, then the other,

and a little fondling to prolong the experience... Twenty spanks came slowly and were very much enjoyed by me, and to a much lesser extent by Cindy... Her bottom showed a very nice red color.
 When finished, after a quick shower for Cindy, we made love, and it was exquisite...

Incidentally, and much to Cindy's chagrin, when she looked at her reader the next day, the book was still there, it had not disappeared, and it remained there for the remainder of the cruise....

spanking on cruise ship

I have noticed that cruise ships cabins are a little odd. If you walk by the door, you can sometimes hear what is happening inside. However, I have never heard noise from the cabin on either side of us.

We take some precautions, in that we turn on music or a movie and have the sound up quite loud, before ever partaking in spanking activities.
Cindy had occasion to spank me at least twice, as it was a 20 day cruise.
I was fortunate to spank Cindy once during this time, so with the recent spankings at home, she may, slightly, be accepting a spanking as a change of mood / solve a problem scenario..

MY spankings were OTK, obviously bare bottomed, and with the wooden Hair brush and the leather  heart shaped studded paddle.

Cindy spanking me are never fierce spankings, but defintiely effective.

Some people have stated that it could be embarrassing to see the neighbor beside us, but when one is over her knee being spanked, you have little concern of who might hear, and great concern of what is happening to your bottom.

Cindy even played scrabble with the lady in the next cabin, and no mention or knowing wink ever occurred that I know of.

Cindy's spanking was deliciously slowly administered for my maximum enjoyment,
and for Cindy's undesired benefit of being slow and methodical, instead of " get it over with".

I slowly lowered Cindy's jeans, and then her panties, then sat up on the bed and had her lie over my knees. Quite a bit of fondly her bottom explaining why she was being spanked, and then ten slow but significant spaks with the wooden hairbrush had a wonderful effect for me at least. Cindy did NOT enjoy it, but then again, a spanking to be effective should not be enjoyed while it is happening.
Cindy has also learned that her next wooden hair brush spanking would move up to twelve spanks...
I then took some pictures of Cindy's red bottom lieing over my knnees, but they are for private enjoyment only!!1

We had a fabulous trip, but personally, the Panama Canal should be low on your list of places to visit. You can see locks in many countries, whereas so many other great sites abound in the world.

pegging photos

See a description of our first time tomorrow
until then

here is a little selection
Of strap-on
come and get it

pegging (strap on) thoughts

Today, I try to shed some humor on the topic...
but first: a few sites to visit for mostly friendly couples pegging sites, where the woman is alluring, not BDSM. However, some are BDSM photos. I created this posting, set it for a week from now, then went and looked and saw a number of BDSM right at the front. So use the archive, and pick and choose what you like to look at!!!
How about a Valentine Day card
 It is rather difficult to introduce the topic, even more difficult than asking your partner to spank you, maybe
 But, she might love it, and that is good
As the saying goes, what is good for the goose, is good for the gander
 so, sometimes you are the quarterback, and sometimes the receiver
so you must remember to clean your toys
but indoor drying is recommended
bottoms up takes on a whole new meaning
Remember to always agree with the lady of the house, specially when she beckons you to join her
 She and you purchased it to be used
and she is all dressed up for the occasion
and you are never too old to learn new tricks

Caption Day

Maintenance spankings are always a good thing....

The idea that it is known in advance sets the heart thumping just a little bit quicker as the date and time approach..
It is definitely time to be humble

However, the excitement usually dampens as the spanking progresses

being taken for a ride.....

I seem to have collected a variety of riding pictures, ...Shall we say Talley ho

which I will share with you today.
Riding can be done indoors
and obviously, outdoors
If your steed is unruly, you could use a saddle

and don't forget to try bareback sometime
 but, of course, if you happen to meet a friend, do stop and chat
do remember to apply the whip or strap now and then to make certain he knows you are in charge
and, of course, a proper warm-up is needed to ensure a satisfying ride
happy trails to you, until we meet again
Oh yes, ride his face sometimes too, you  and he won't ever regret it

potpourri Fridays

Here is a combination of incongruous things, to maybe cause you to smile...

then all will be well