Home again

As some of you might have seen, I am currently in the process of replying to all comments that are left on my blog, during my absence. I am not quite certain if people who sign with anonymous ever see my replies, unless they keep checking the post. I know that when I am signed in with blogger, and leave a comment on another site, I am able to choose to have all the comments for that post sent  to me, so I can read specifically what the blogger replied. Maybe someone could let me know, if I am wasting my time replying to anonymous?

Quite a few spankings occured while we were away, so I will comment briefly on one.

About an hour before leaving for the airport, I asked Cindy to give me a spanking to relieve both of our stress. Cindy gets really uptight, and I respond badly to her excessively worrying. Plus, we were travelling late in the afternoon, so would not be in our hotel room until midnight, a really bad scenario.

Cindy stated their wasn't time (we were completely packed, timers set for lights, fridge emptied, etc), so I suggested she use my least favorite implement for six spanks.(The dominator that used to be for sale on the disciplinarywivesclub website) I do not seem to have  a picture, but will find one eventually, and I am certain i have posted a picture of it previously)

Pants down, bottom bared, standing at the side of the bed, leaning forward slightly to present my bottom, with Cindy standing to my side.

Crack.... YOWLLL... bottom swaying
Oh! said Cindy..... and waited until I was stationary, and once again leaning forward slightly
CRACK!!! YOWLLLL .. bottom gyrating... then slowly moving back into position
Well, this does seem effective...... and a short pause
CRACK!  YOWLLLL .... wincing bottom... trying to get smaller... once again still and lean forward
MAYBE you should count for me.... with a very rapid response from me of THREE..
Are you shouting... no ma'am .sorry...  three
WHACK..... YOWLLLL ... and really dancing to the beat but keeping my feet still......... that one must have had extra wrist action...four...Catching my breath a little, and then stationary leaning forward, knowing the next spank will happen almost immediately... but it didn't...
just a little rubbing of the dominator over my bottom, and a few friendly pats with it, before it moves away from my bottom, and I can sense it travelling far back and now it is coming forward... WHACKKKK! ..........YYYYWWOOOLLLLL.. and my bottom is on fire... that no gyrating and wincing can quell... how one would want to rub and soothe my bottom, but knowing that is not permittted... oops five...
I was wondering if that would be counted, but you did remember, so that just makes one more.. Right?
Yes Dear...

Shall we make it a good one?
That is for you to decide dear...

Leaning forward, bottom presented and waiting... you can acutely hear the arm going backwards, and then it rushing forward...

WHACKKKK!  OWWWWWWWWWWW....  and possibly even dancing o the spot a little... six

You can stand up now1 My, this does leave some nice broad red marks....
A quick caress of my bottom from Cindy, a little fondle of my penis with the words no time now.... It's time to get ready to leave, with a fabulous self-assured smile on her face.
Oh yes, I did not forget to say thank you for spanking me to Cindy.

Aside: Cindy does not like me to bend over to touch my toes, as it might hurt my back if I jumped, and she claims I have much more flesh to spank in this position, as my bottom is too boney if I bend over all the way...

Cindy did get slightly irritable or over anxious during our travel, and I reminded her she had already spanked me, and the irritation dissipated... and she was happy again
More to come in future posts

spanked again(thursday)

Another requested spanking by me, and Cindy acquiesced to my request.

I have a tendency to talk too much, and not listen enough, so hopefully sitting on a chastised bottom might help correct this slowly.

We were going out to visit family, so Cindy had time for a quick spanking. (Quick defined in we had at least ten minutes, and you really do NOT want an implement constantly spanking your bottom that long)

I had taken a hot shower, and as soon as I was out and dried, Cindy was sitting on the spanking chair and I was naked across her lap. I was about to find out how a shower tenderizes the skin, and makes it more receptive to the touch, let alone the bath brush.

I had no sexual reaction to gong over her knee, and the spanking commenced immediately, with solid spanks from the wooden BATH brush, moving first from cheek to cheek, and then remaining spanking one part of one cheek spank after spank.

My bottom was on fire, and my feet were dancing, and I was owwwing. The spanking simply started so soon after the shower, that I did not even have time to start counting the spanks, as the sting and more the pain of each spank focused my attention solely on my bottom.

Cindy used a rhythmic pattern with a quite brisk beat, and simply kept laying it on, non-stop. Some spanks were much harder getting an instant wriggling and owwing and rapid feet dancing reaction. Cindy must have given me more than fifty BATH brush spanks, before she paused. A bath brush compared to a hair brush of the small nature that we have, is the equivalent of driving a Corvette compared to a Ford Focus..... OWWW...
With the small applause, I scooted up a little so the lower part of my bottom was more in the line of fire, than the higher part of my bottom.  Cindy must have seen this because she delivered many harder spanks to the place where my bottom meets my upper thighs, and a very tender spot.

Cindy finally stopped, and I thanked her immediately thanked her for spanking me. I was permitted to look in the mirror, and a huge patch of both cheeks was red, with a gray portion in the middle of the red on each cheek.

However, their was quite a white part on both sides of the cheeks, and the top third of my bottom. Cindy stated that their is not enough padding to spank there, and I replied that with leather you could spank there, but never wood.   The most foolish words I have ever stated.

I retrieved the leather metal studded heart shaped paddle, and went face down on the bed to present my bottom at the edge of the bed. Cindy started spanking hard with the paddle, that gave glancing terrifically painful spanks to virgin unspanked areas. Cindy had given four or five by raising and lowering her arm with great speed, before I had caught my breath enough from the shock of the intensity to start howling and bouncing around, moving my bottom drastically. The result of this is that spanks ended higher and further on each side of white skin, which must have been red instantly.
After maybe fifteen spanks, Cindy stopped and made certain that I was breathing and not holding my breath, and then started again. Ten spanks or more with me either screeching or howling (way beyond my OWWWWS) and a pause to again tell me to breathe, followed by one more set and Cindy stopped.

My bottom has never been more on fire than this, and Cindy was quite upset that I had been in such pain. This part of the spanking had probably only been a minute and a half or two, but WOW!!! I thanked Cindy, we talked a little, and then I looked in the mirror to see fire engine red marks covering my entire top part of my bottom, and on one side of the cheek. Spanking from one side had only doubled the amount of spanks to one cheek, but significantly attacked virgin skin on the far cheek from her. We cuddled, I dressed, then we left to visit family.

I looked in a mirror three hours later, and my bottom was still reddish, and a few parts extremely red.

Hopefully I will learn to listen more, talk less.

spanked and sex(Wednesday)

Another wonderful evening last night when I asked Cindy if she could give me a spanking, to help keep me calm and non-stressed.

Cindy agreed, but first went and took a bath, and then called me to our bedroom. She sat on the spanking chair, and I was bare bottomed over her knee, as she used the wooden hair brush to beat a merry tune into my backside.

This is the first time we have used the spanking chair, with me OTK instead of propped  up with the bed supporting my upper body.

Cindy gave about 50 spanks, staying in one spot some of the time, and moving around at random reddening my bottom.
A short pause as she rubbed my bottom with her hand, and then a flourish of many spanks before she decided she was finished.
I was permitted to get off her lap, and immediately thanked her for the spanking.

I was on my knees, and proceeded to kiss her, then many parts of her body, ending up at her feet and kissing them, and sucking a little on her toes. While sucking one set of toes, I moved Cindy's other foot to caress my prick...

We then proceeded to the bed, where the love making was spectacular....

It makes me laugh when I hear jokes like:
How do you stop making love with your girlfriend frequently....
Marry her...

Our love making after more than 35 years of marriage is fantastic... Spanking has helped solve problems, and enliven our libidos.

The situational wish of many men

Many men wish they were in a relationship that had their partner spanking them.

So, here are some women that are happily waiting to start spanking you
The following lady is thrilled with her power and your submission to it...

time is up, come here now

Caption Monday

Thought you might enjoy some of these
 resulted the next day in....
first the hand
and then the paddle
then admire your handiwork
 This is NOT true about my Cindy, but I found it amusing!

bad beer

the fun before showtime

I always find baring the bottom to be stimulating......
and personally the view of a woman's bottom about to be spanked is delicious
The power exchange of being bared, knowing that the show is about to occur, of your bare bottom gyrating and dancing to the beat
with the possibility of your musical talents of owwing to fill the air
The delight that the orchestra leader displays just before the commencement of activities
The hush that falls over the audience
When it is a man's bottom being bared by a woman
it is easy to imagine yourself in the position of the male
so enjoy the baring


 Matriarche was a fun tumblr that has unfortunately disappeared. I last saw it a year ago, and never got to post about it.
I SAW YOU FLIRTING with that young woman...
Get in there... My bridge club wants a few words with you
Now, first, on your knees and apologize
My partner will have a few  points to make on your bottom..
 as will one of my opponents with her paddle
 but her partner prefers to use the cane
as will a few other ladies present today

 bottoms up

pegging gives a new idea in photography

This phenomena may simply be a new ploy by website to gather more business, by showing what might be a new type of photos.
What is this new type:
Women taking photos of themselves wearing a strap-on....
 In all likelihood they are models
 but it does take flashing to a new level
 and possibly then sending a sex message to their partner
the mind reels
 but is happy
so  enjoy pegging thoughts

so many to spank so little time

Today's post brings us into the fantasy land of every male who would like to spank a woman's bottom
Could this woman be smiling hoping he has the nerve to spank both of them...
  whereas these three women are ready... but with differing opinions 9one smiling, one scrowling, and one interested to see what happens
You are out for a walk, when a butt dare stares you in the face....
or was it in thehose where these six nice ladies are set for your delight
These ladies have been left outside, and are wanting to watch the spankings, before it is their turn
 but make certain this is just a school girl fantasy being acted out, as Japanese sites are prone to do, and not the real thing.
so whether it is one
 or many
do have fun in your dreams