Have you ever visited a professional spanker?

This thought comes to mind, in wondering how (mostly) men deal with their desire to be spanked, but have yet to have the courage to speak openly with the woman they love.

I have no knowledge of the reverse situation of a woman wanting to be spanked, but professional women do spank Ladies also. There is a plenitude of woman spankers offering their services, as opposed to men offering their services. http://www.misssarahgregory.com/
Just before asking you to honestly answer this question (remember it is anonymous), the photo to the left is one of many you will find on the website:
I am, in no way, endorsing or not endorsing the quality of the service she offers, but I am very pleased to see a photo of a woman clearly enjoying giving a spanking to a man.
Sarah is experienced on both sides of the wooden hairbrush, besides most other spanking implements.
Sarah lives in Connecticut, but travels frequently to California and other parts of the country. She is very willing to spank both men and women.

Perhaps, you might comment about your experience, if you have visited a professional, and how it compares to any other spankings you have had in your life.

fun in Britain

Dorset, UK  Comments: A street in the town of Wimborne Minster, in Dorset, South West England.Not certainif the bottom is happy, but the top certainly is...

captions are wonderful

I have been trolling tumblr sites, and have found many items of interest..... so remember....
 and I think you have earned a spanking for your behavior
when the spanking
has finished, you had better be smiling and thanking me for your spanking...
Hope you like some of these

one fine evening

The advantage of age is that when your children are all grown up and moved out, you have the house to yourself for whatever fun games you care to play. Games, that when we were first married, we were probably too shy and inhibited to play. Society and  upbringing was just so different then as it is now.

Basically, I believe the Internet has freed the libido, because you can see and read so much about any sexual activity or fetish to be more aware and accommodating. Depending on the topic you blog about, you also get encouragement from strangers who become friends,even though you may never meet in person.

back to the topic.... spanking... sex .... wine and lobster...

I sent Cindy a email:
Hi sweetie:

How about you spank me (it has been along time since I have been properly spanked),

then we make love

and afterwards eat lobster and drink some wine....

Well, Cindy happily agreed, and I purchased the New England Lobster and wine, and dessert for the evening.

When supper time rolled around, Cindy took a leisurely bath, donned some very sexy lingerie, and called me to the bedroom. I had on white lacy panties.
She asked me to get something leather, and I retrieved the leather heart shaped metal studded paddle, and handed it to Cindy, who promptly sat on the spanking chair....
A little pat on her leg, and I lowered myself over her knees, where first she lowered my panties a little to secure my erection between her thighs.  Then the spanking started full throttle, no warm-up, no let-up, and varying the pattern from one spot to alternating cheeks to he back of my legs, and not stopping while she bemusedly, and with a smile in her voice, commented how well I was dancing as she kept spanking.
Cindy finally stopped, and started fondly and gently massaging my bottom, but as I started to move off of her knees, she responded " oh you are not going anywhere yet, and began afresh raining spanks all over my bottom with vigor and enjoyment... I have no idea how many spanks, as I had not even started to count when the first onslaught occured, so this second  spanking simply added to the fire, my yelping, and dancing...

When Cindy stopped, I slipped to my knees, and orally began thanking her...She crossed her legs over my back for easier and fuller access, and I was delighted to lick her nectar...
after a little while, with  Cindy nearing a  climax, we moved so that I sat on the chair and Cindy straddled me, and eventually we moved to the bed and slowly and passionately made love in a few more positions...before both having mind blowing screaming orgasms...

Dinner was avocado, tomatoes, lobster, corn, and dessert. and did I mention some fine wine...

We remarked about what fabulous sex we have. I attribute at least some of it to the intense passions started by spanking, talking sexually while fucking, wearing lingerie, relaxing, and being so terribly in love. Not bad after more than 38 years married...

Spank, make love, enjoy life, it is over far too soon..

the view of a woman sitting on a chair

To some, this would be a strange title to a post, but to f/m and f/f spankos everywhere
the thought immediately
conjures images
today's post
and even this reaction when you say to your partner "whatever could be wrong dear", your mind sees this look as her response
So, best not to keep her waiting, as she is happy to solve the problem you created..
but getting a little tired of your delaying  in baring your bottom and bending over her knees
so, bottoms up

then reward her for solving the problem

spring cleaning time

It is that time of year, when one should be getting out their trusty carpet beater
and shake out the cobwebs that might be in your partner's lethargy to help you.
Be very afraid if she is coming for you.

Well, I wonder if the amount of carpet beaters that are sold today are used for carpet beating, or for one person to be spanking their partner.
Here is a little collection of photos for your imagination to run wild

This lady has been the outdoor recipient of the carpet beater

This lady is waiting for you to undress
The carpet beater can be very effective
Ask this young lady for her opinion.. (aside: I know one woman who looks somewhat like this, and she could certainly use this spanking, often

of course, she would probably want a friend or two help her do this to me

so, why not make spring cleaning fun
at least for you...

Have a beer - it is good for your bones

In this blog's never ending search to keep you healthy, and in lopve with your partner...
Here is the link where the article came from

Hey Guys, Drink a Beer to Bone Health

Memo to all the guys out there (and the women who love you): Quit walking to the kitchen every time those bone-health commercials come on. (Sally Fields, we love you. Really, we do.) All the talk about osteoporosis is not for women only.
Twelve million men have bones that are getting thinner and more brittle each day. We've got some irresistible ways to keep yours safe, strong, and young.
How about a beer? Ah, now you're paying attention! The bone-saving secret in brewskis is silicon, a chemical that stimulates collagen production. What's collagen? A protein that makes your bones denser and your joints more flexible. Brews with the most hops and malted barley are the richest in silicon. Not big on beer? Bananas and brown rice also are silicon-packed.

Buff up those biceps. Weight-bearing exercises like push-ups, hiking, and carrying your sweetie's groceries toughen bones as well as muscles.

It must go without saying that giving a spanking has to be a good form of exercise also.

Munch zinc-rich dark chocolate, peanuts, or walnuts, and take your vitamins. Men with osteoporosis are often low in zinc, which is used in the bone-building process. If you don't eat these zinc-rich foods, consider a 15 milligram zinc supplement. Add a bone-strengthening combo supplement with 600 milligrams of calcium, 1,000 international units of vitamin D3, and 200 to 300 milligrams of magnesium. We take one daily.

However, more than one a day may have you being spanked...  specially if you are going for your second beer whle the wife is still in the kitchen making supper
but even if you only had one beer, your partner needs to exercise her arms regularly, and you will benefit from her caring attention, as she happily spanks you
 Just look at those arms bulging.

olderoticart tumblr

if you are nostalgic at times
for some cartoon artwork
from your youth...
I may have posted a few of these quite a while ago
but you may have forgotten already also
 The nice thing is that the women are not strongly protesting
they and we think that this is totally acceptable for  person to be spanked
and the woman are also very attractively drawn

and the reasons for the spankings are minor
so enjoy the stroll
down memory lane

 and imagine yourself
 as the spanker
you will find plenty of spanking related art work


Many other types of erotic art exists also on this site
I will post a few more some other day
bottoms up