how do you like your women?

Do you like your woman with friends being playboy bunnies?

quietly scrubbing the floor or playing a game of truth or dare with her friends or are you just dreaming, and this is your usual position.

 or this as your wife demonstrates for HER FRIENDS how to properly keep a husband in line

and you love it


Tumblr has changed, and it appears that you can join without having to pay... Now the Scottish part of me likes that....
 I have yet to see if I can create a tumblr photo stream, but may do so in a few days...
This would be a good thing, so that I could remove images from my computer. except maybe for a hundred or two I think I will use in the near future, and the rest that I thought were quite good could be simply posted for anyone to see.
If you are a fan of cornertime, then this is a tumblr you must be certain to visit.
The owner has not been publishing much recently, but maybe with more hits to the site as encouragement, a renewed interest might arise.
Some of the photos are ones you will never have seen before.
Some are obviously private photos sent in of spanked bottoms of ordinary people.
Not Models.
enjoy the view
There are both males and females in the photos
with both before the spanking
and after a spanking

thought for the day

pleasant dreams
so, now over my knee
first the hand
 then the sturdy bath brush
now scoot into that corner to display your bottom
and all is well in the household

waiting to spank you part two

Another set of pictures to entertain your spanking thoughts.
Some of these photos come from a site that you can easily visit by typing the nameyou see at the bottom of the picture into a browser

I found them on a tumblr, and one had a notation at the bottom. You might like to visit this site, simply to look at the free samples, and free video, and consider joining this site. Hopefully they do not mind my posting, and adding a link to my pay sites section.

To start, imagine she has just got off the telephone, and her mother has told her of your rudeness....
so the look and the brush on the table will seal your fate

Maybe the babysitter has previously heard or seen you being spanked, and has been given permission by your wife to heat your bottom for the overheard comment how "hot" she looks
Could it be you were to be home by 10, but it now past midnight and your wife intends to deal with your misbehavior....
 or have you just talked back to the teacher, and she will deal with it immediately
 other ideas
You have arrived home, and the first thing your wife wants you to see is the implement she is going to immediately spank you with, but she is peeking through at you as she loves to see your reaction when you realize you will be SPANKED!
one added point: I believe that the fantasy goes much further, than just spanking..

your morning smiles

Men that are spanked by their partners know that this is very true.... women are not the weaker sex men that are spanked know the strength that women possess....

Sometimes we make mistakes...
and the experience of being spanked when you do something wrong certainly gives you the opportunity to not make the same mistake twice...

then again. sometimes some mistakes are unavoidable:

 however, do remember not to sass the spanker

or payback may be strong

 have a rosy day

waiting to spank you

Here is another collection of women waiting to spank you.
You might wonder why she is sitting on the spanking chair, but the weaponry behind her seals your fate
Facial expressions may also tell the story of your fate: This lady seems to be saying no matter how you phrase your excuse, You KNOW I am going to SPANK YOu
Whereas your wife has called you to come to the bedroom, and is quite ready and determined to deal with your transgressions
Quite possibly she has told you she is ready to go out, but has one last thing before the party to do. She will guarantee your good behavior with a good hairbrush treatment prior to the party!
 This lady intends to make your bottom as red a shade as her handbag and hat....
so, pleasant dreams