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gentle use ONLY!!!!!!!!!!

We have yet to try this , and I am not certain I will suggest it.
We have, however, become more adventurist with Cindy firmly fondling the family jewels, while sucking my penis. this has developed over the last couple of years, with my encouraging Cindy to be a little firmer.

To me, this would be titillation, with my naked wife running the show so to speak....

Cindy does kiss me all over, and I have encouraged her to GENTLY nibbled on my nipples. She sometimes enjoys me to slightly spank her breasts ever so gently while I am pleasing her orally, just when she is about to climax.

The wonderful thing about blogging is the anonymity, where you can find out ideas from others, without anyone being embarrassed.

One commenter recently said that until he found my blog, he thought he was the only man that was ever spanked by his wife.
I was really really reluctant to come out about my spanking fetish to Cindy, and only with the help of the Disciplinarywivesclub.com and a few spanking websites did we ever so slowly get into spanking,
which has opened up our sexual adventures, and we are more open to discuss sexual activities than throughout the first xx number of years. (aside: much nicer to look at women's bottoms being spanked)

Maybe you might like to explain how spanking has increased your sexual desires with your partner.

One other point: I probably would be spanked if Cindy read this, so fortunately she rarely reads it.