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Well, we are off on vacation again.....so much of the world to see, and so little time to see it in....
With both Cindy and I having almost fatal health problems in 2012, we are looking forward to a much healthier 2013 and beyond...

But as we cruise, we meet other people who will constantly remind us to do everything you can NOW, as the future, and your health is truly an unknown.

We travel a lot more than just cruising, but for now, it's off cruising once again, and some travel afterwards...

I have left a post for every sunday, and a few others, so if you are new to the blog, go back and see some of the older posts.

May you all spank or be spanked, whatever your little heart desires....
and as the picture says
 see no evil
hear no evil
speak no evil
and above all, fuck no evil

enjoy life