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Tumblr has changed, and it appears that you can join without having to pay... Now the Scottish part of me likes that....
 I have yet to see if I can create a tumblr photo stream, but may do so in a few days...
This would be a good thing, so that I could remove images from my computer. except maybe for a hundred or two I think I will use in the near future, and the rest that I thought were quite good could be simply posted for anyone to see.
If you are a fan of cornertime, then this is a tumblr you must be certain to visit.
The owner has not been publishing much recently, but maybe with more hits to the site as encouragement, a renewed interest might arise.
Some of the photos are ones you will never have seen before.
Some are obviously private photos sent in of spanked bottoms of ordinary people.
Not Models.
enjoy the view
There are both males and females in the photos
with both before the spanking
and after a spanking