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waiting to spank you part two

Another set of pictures to entertain your spanking thoughts.
Some of these photos come from a site that you can easily visit by typing the nameyou see at the bottom of the picture into a browser

I found them on a tumblr, and one had a notation at the bottom. You might like to visit this site, simply to look at the free samples, and free video, and consider joining this site. Hopefully they do not mind my posting, and adding a link to my pay sites section.

To start, imagine she has just got off the telephone, and her mother has told her of your rudeness....
so the look and the brush on the table will seal your fate

Maybe the babysitter has previously heard or seen you being spanked, and has been given permission by your wife to heat your bottom for the overheard comment how "hot" she looks
Could it be you were to be home by 10, but it now past midnight and your wife intends to deal with your misbehavior....
 or have you just talked back to the teacher, and she will deal with it immediately
 other ideas
You have arrived home, and the first thing your wife wants you to see is the implement she is going to immediately spank you with, but she is peeking through at you as she loves to see your reaction when you realize you will be SPANKED!
one added point: I believe that the fantasy goes much further, than just spanking..