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Have you ever visited a professional spanker?

This thought comes to mind, in wondering how (mostly) men deal with their desire to be spanked, but have yet to have the courage to speak openly with the woman they love.

I have no knowledge of the reverse situation of a woman wanting to be spanked, but professional women do spank Ladies also. There is a plenitude of woman spankers offering their services, as opposed to men offering their services. http://www.misssarahgregory.com/
Just before asking you to honestly answer this question (remember it is anonymous), the photo to the left is one of many you will find on the website:
I am, in no way, endorsing or not endorsing the quality of the service she offers, but I am very pleased to see a photo of a woman clearly enjoying giving a spanking to a man.
Sarah is experienced on both sides of the wooden hairbrush, besides most other spanking implements.
Sarah lives in Connecticut, but travels frequently to California and other parts of the country. She is very willing to spank both men and women.

Perhaps, you might comment about your experience, if you have visited a professional, and how it compares to any other spankings you have had in your life.