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Advice for the beginner contemplating Domestic discipline

I have copied this from a website, but changed the names and any identifiable information. ...

Hi. My name is Cynthia, and I have a few questions for everyone.

First of all, I have never done any spanking, and am not exactly sure how I feel about it. Are there women who got into it later in life with a partner that enjoyed the discipline? What were your feelings when this all began for you?

I have seen some pictures that look a bit disturbing to me, but I can somehow see getting the bottom warmed a bit. How much of a difference is there between a reasonable spank, and one that leaves welts, and bruises.

This does lead me to my other question. Do you know if there has been any problem with any reporting of such problems, especially if partners break up and they have been taking pictures along the way?

I would guess that many of you use contracts for just such cases, to be signed by both parties. I think this is a good idea. My partner has shown me such contracts. At this time I am not ready to do any signing.

I just want to see what my comfort level is. It does go against what I was brought up with, and have difficulty with the idea at times. I am willing to give this a try, as I know how much it means to my partner. Any advice, suggestions, or warnings would be of help.

************ One response:

Hello Cynthia, my name is Joanne, and I like you were introduced to this lifestyle, by my partner and husband David, hmmmmm my first reaction was to be completely honest I said something like *Are you crazy?*

I thought who in their right minds would want to be spanked, not me I don't do pain, I tried it a couple of times and saw how much David enjoyed it, I thought OK this is weird lol Then he wanted me to do discipline spanking, the more I thought about this I thought ok maybe this could work, he did need some discipline in his life.

That was almost 20 years ago. I have been doing discipline spanking since then. Sometimes he wishes he would have never mention this to me, but guess what TOO late now LOL.

I am not into leaving welts and I hate to leave bruises, but some people need or want that. Contracts are an excellent idea, David and I have one.

Start off slow and I am sure that your husband will help you with this. If you are not comfortable with giving hard spankings then go with your heart and do the best you can.
I am sure your husband will understand this.

Hope I helped you out some.

One other reply from a woman giving advice:

Its wonderful that you are willing to learn and to try this for yourself and your partner. As I mentioned before, allow this to come naturally and take from it what you feel benefits both of you. As you grow with experience and knowledge of the lifestyle and each other, you will find that DD can become a very normal aspect of your lives.

Always remember that it has a place and time and it is unrealistic to expect this to be a 24/7 sort of thing. Couples often spend so much time and effort into this and forget to connect on the more important things in life.

Why men enjoy this has always been an interesting topic of discussion just as it is for Us. I know that for Myself, I really, really enjoy this. I'm not just going through the motions. I'm not pretending.

I always welcome every female readers insight, especially how they were approached by their partner about Domestic Discipline, or how they initiated the discussion with their partner. What their initial thoughts were then, and what they are now, would greatly help any readers contemplating the lifestyle.I would like to know how many people visited professional spankers before broaching the topic with their partner, and how many no longer need to visit because their partner now deals with DD on their own.