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F/M : husband requests and receives a spanking

Sometimes I feel like I need to be spanked, when Cindy has not spanked me for a significant time.  Due to family issues, I went about a month without being spanked, and had been spanked only once since everything has calmed down. That was last week, so in my mind one spanking in  about a month and a half.

Thus, I wrote the following email to Cindy yesterday:

"This is easier to write than ask in person...

Please spank me with a significant spanking for the disagreement yesterday.

I can get very dominant when you are perturbed, to avoid being spanked.

Thus, that behavior needs being thoroughly spanked away, although I am afraid it will need a number of repetitions before I learn the lesson.

suggestion: whenever you are even slightly annoyed and briefly think you should be spanking me, take charge and inform me to go get the ... bath brush and a leather strap, or whatever  you want, and bring it to me immediately...  otherwise.. i can out argue  or  become huffy and fluff off your complaint...

i will be happy being more submissive, as my way is not always the right  nor the best way..

As much as we both love sex, you do not have to make love at all after spanking me until the day later or two, whenever you want, with my encouragement always.

You used to spank me harder, where a grey patch appeared on both cheeks, and the redness remained for most of a day, and reappeared the next day after a shower. However, you might after the bath brush use some leather implement, to redden the entire bottom beyond the two circles in the picture. You used to spank a greater area, but please do not use your hand like before, just in case it injures your hand.

So, please, whenever a spanking is needed, do it so that I learn to modify my behavior...

love always"

Well, Cindy followed through on the letter shortly afterwards, in the same day.

Bare bottomed, over her knee, with Cindy wearing leather high heel shoes to elevate her knees, sitting on the spanking chair, and my upper body resting on the bed.... (position used for longer spankings)

First the bath brush.... (why did I ever suggest that) made a reconnection in my spanking life, hard and fast, and many many spanks... leading to a predictable yelping and feet dancing  on my part to show my uninhabited appreciation of Cindy's efforts....  Cindy varied her patterns from many oin one spot to alternating cheeks then back in another spot... and my bottom was on fire...
Cindy then put the bath brush down, and picked up the leather strap, and whaled away at my bottom.
Wow!!!!.. I made no effort to try to count spanks, as my mind was simply a blur of owwing and dancing while being spanked.

Cindy finally stated it was over, and that I could get up. I immediately thanked Cindy for spanking me, and was permitted to look in the mirror. My bottom was on fire, and red in most places

Cindy during the spanking had given me a reason why she was spanking me for misbehavior when we could do nothing about it.

When the spanking was finished, she asked if I felt I needed more spanking, and i suggested that a few more spanks would be useful. I retrieved the dominator, stood upright to give access to top and bottom  of my bottom, and Cindy delivered a hard spank... YOWL!!!! HOWL!!!

Cindy methodically gave I think ten spanks, each of which was received with a howler of pain from me...

When finished, I thanked Cindy, and put the implements away...

I truly felt totally spanked, and LOVED...

My bottom today is still sore, and still shows some red spots...

MORAL of the story: ask and you just might receive....

PS: we made lover later that day, and it was fabulous... but before making love I was again spanked ( a short spanking ) with the implement that Audrey is holding... and it was effective on a already extremely sore bottom

This photo of me:was the one I sent Cindy showing how she sometimes only reddens a portion of my bottom,
whereas this spanking had red everywhere including the top of my legs. And yes, those are the first pair of panties I had ever purchased, a lacy type panties that I find erotic.