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the benefits of a sore bottom

I have copied this from a blog entitled Four Red Cheeks, but this blog is now private by invitation only. I have added a couple of words in bold to the posting.

Please note the well thought out use of CBT: Corrective Bottom Treatment/Therapy.
The blogger DG_UK (darling girl living in the UK)

The benefits of a sore bottom

Some of the benefits of a well smacked bottom have long been understood..
the endorphin rush that is created by physical chastisement in particular.
However, I have long been struck by how getting a good spanking just seems to have all manner of therapeutic effects..as a reliever of stress, a blower away of cobwebs, a cleanser of the day-to-day crap, a creator of a "clean slate" free of guilt and so on...a girl(or man) who is spanked regularly just seems to be happier and lighter in her (his) life.

I wonder what medical science has to say about all this? And whether spanking should not be offered on the NHS as a cure-all for the nation's collective neuroses?:)

One other thing that a smacked bottom gives me, is the sensation of being cared for, and that I can admit that I get things wrong, I make mistakes, but that I can ask for support and help and guidance, and not be seen as weak, far from it.

I remember you saying once, darling, that I needed CBT..Corrective Bottom Treatment/Therapy. I know I need that regularly.
anon wrote: Corrective Bottom Treatment is used in our marriage. Both my wife and I have used spanking to clear the air quickly. properly administered a hairbrush can quickly convince the recipient not to repeat the misdoing.

********* very briefly: My thoughts:

The benefits for a relationship in solving problems by spanking, certainly far outweigh the soreness when your bottom is being spanked. This is easy to say while I am seated at a keyboard, and reasonably easy to say a few minutes or hours after the spanking. However, during the spanking, I many times wonder why I ever requested that Cindy spank me whenever she feels it will benefit our relationship.

However, this can only work if both partners accept this as a problem solving manner. The problem has been addressed, a spanking has been given, and unless the problem re-surfaces, then it should not be mentioned again as a problem. This can be a totally one way street, where only one is ever spanked, it does not need both people being spanked.

Last thought for a relationship: hopefully the SPANKER can learn to enjoy this problem solving method.

Personally, I always love photos of women smiling while they are spanking a man, and have now added smiling photos only of pegging situations.